Purposeful reassurance for the overwhelmed

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Let’s begin with a question.

How many articles, blogposts, and podcasts have you consumed lately that talk about the idea of Productivity?

2020 has been the year perhaps when we heard the most about productivity. With everything else shutting down around us, leaving behind massive…

Let’s swap stories

I am Leenah Nasir. I am a person with experience of relationships, work and family; my own share of follies and failures and subtle triumphs. Life is not a gentle sport, and the time we are going through is not easy as well. It can make the…

You or the family?

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While we all do have a laugh or two at the jokes and All Work From Home memes flooding our WhatsApp and social media feeds. The truth is that these are universally relatable because they’re mostly true.

Here, for example this one:

I laughed at…

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Djurdjica Boskovic

(Originally published as a post at a social media platform on March 18, 2020)

Given the way things are, I think now is high time we start discussing the protocols of working from home for the uninitiated. …

… but I do know the untrue in its name. Here, busting the myths.

It is a fact that I am not a doctor. I am not even close to understanding pharmacy. But I do have experiential evidence to confirm my claim of possession of a fair degree of common…

it’s a letter. well, sort of.

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I love writing letters.
In them one can knit all that which otherwise often drops before embarking the vehicle of voice. Voice, I’ve learnt over my millenia of existence, is the most dodgy carrier of views. You can remain unheard after having used the…

Northern Cardinal, photo by Lindell Dillon

Marketing meetings are often alike. Marketeers seek numbers, executioners look at the possibilities, artists fumble with the deadlines, and the essence — mostly — gets lost somewhere the middle.

A metaphor for life, perhaps.

Last week we had a marketing meeting. The new design team on board was being introduced…

Stories are meant to have happy endings, at least those belonging to economy MUST have happy endings. What’s the point of having a story otherwise? While the tax story of the e-commerce sector I’m going to narrate here still hasn’t met its end, we can study its development so far…

Of the most familiar statistics in the entrepreneurial world the big ones are about failure. According to the data:

Behind these failures lie one major agent: mistakes. Sometimes its a few massive mistakes, and at others an aggregate…

With three Key Messages:

  1. Globalization For All
  2. Closed For Businesses
  3. Harvest That Low Hanging Fruit

World Economic Forum’s 2016 edition of the Global Enabling Trade Report, has been released recently in conjunction with the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation — a new public-private partnership to support trade-led development.

The Report…

Leenah Nasir

Human growth is my muse. Evolving themes: empowerment, mindfulness and empathy. I prefer awareness to knowledge. Here, drawing patterns and connections.

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