Let’s swap stories

I am Leenah Nasir. I am a person with experience of relationships, work and family; my own share of follies and failures and subtle triumphs. Life is not a gentle sport, and the time we are going through is not easy as well. It can make the best of us feel unequipped and incapable to deal with its challenges. And this can be suffocating.

If the current situation and the various types of personal crises it is birthing are making you feel less and less in control of your life; if you are feeling powerless; if you are feeling invisible, I am talking to you!

Since January 2020, three people from my friends circle have been diagnosed with Depression. I am growing increasingly weary of having to blame our culture and circumstances for the lack of social spaces for meaningful, nurturing conversations.

I’ve been thinking about how I can use my best gift to make a difference. So I have set up this place Leenah’s Lounge to connect with the people who are currently feeling alone, or unheard, or unseen.

Here’s a hot cuppa chaey. Sit. Let’s talk!

I am neither an expert at advice, nor I am a trained counsellor. However, I am a good listener, and am here with all that I have to listen to you. I want to connect with you. I promise to listen to you with only the intent to listen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Each day I have set aside one hour for these conversations: three 20-minute sessions, I call TwenTea Stories :)

You can book a TwenTea slot here: https://calendly.com/leenahslounge

I have set up

A facebook page: Leenah’s Lounge
An email account: leenahslounge@gmail.com
A blog: http://leenahslounge.blogspot.com
A twitter account: @LeenahsLounge

Feel free to reach out to me through any of these channels, book your slot at the calendly and voila! We are all set for our zoom audio call.

It is a free voluntary initiative, done out of the need to play my part in this situation. This one hour long conversations window is my contribution to our collective reality.

We are in this together, and together we can try to make a difference. I can contribute to you by listening, can you contribute to yourself by sharing?

hat you CAN DO at Leenah’s Lounge:

- Talk
- Unburden your heart
- Cry if you want, or laugh, at the absurdity of life
- Keep your identity anonymous, if you prefer.

hat you CAN NOT DO at Leenah’s Lounge:

- Ask personal questions
- Make donation requests
- Go over allocated time
- Promote personal branding

hat Leenah’s Lounge is:

A place to reimagine our worn out tapestry of life by stitching together the threads of shared dreams and lonely burdens, and creating eloquent patterns out of wistful sighs and restrained longings. It is the place where we connect the dots of our individual stories to become a part of a greater whole. It is where I hear you. You’re most welcome here!

hat Leenah’s Lounge is not:

- a legal aide platform
- a financial support medium
- a medical guidance channel

I am giving my time and myself to this cause, in good faith. I request you to please not abuse it.


1. I am not charging anything for this. This one hour long conversations window is my contribution to our collective reality.
2. Leenah’s Lounge, by no means, is an equivalent, or replacement of any medical treatment.

Human growth is my muse. Evolving themes: empowerment, mindfulness and empathy. I prefer awareness to knowledge. Here, drawing patterns and connections.